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We have another wedding to get super excited about: Agents of S. The couple shared the news through a hilarious set of Instagram posts on Monday that showed the various emotional states the engagement caused. A proposal in three parts; Happy, Shocked, Flip Yeah,” Henstridge captioned three photos, which include one of her crying on her knees. Abel, who is known for his role as Carter Anderson on the former ABC series Make It or Break It, also shared the images but gave a little more insight into how he proposed: “Matching tracksuits, chocolate dipped fruits, favorite flowers, and flying for hours,” he wrote. Bended knee, you and me, floods of tears, 7 days 7 years. Henstridge plays Jemma Simmons, a S. As Abel pointed out on Instagram, the couple has been dating for a little more than seven years and they often give fans glimpses into their relationship on social media.

Ally Maki is so proud to be Toy Story’s first Asian American woman

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“My love, life, wife!” The couple began dating after they met at San Diego Comic-​Con in July Credit: Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for.

Ally Maki is among these. The greatest non romantic duo to ever exist?????? Book ReviewMaki recognized ability and her enthusiasm and since then she chose to shape her career. At the years, together with her improvements she got a chance to perform in the films; iCarly: iGo into Japan Recess Court Beach Bar, by She depicted among the personalities that were notable from the one of the movies regarding dance.

She played with with a supporting role. In the TV series Wrecked, she performed with the throw Jess in A renowned actress Maki together with her portrayal in a number of the famed films of the movie business, such as Geography Club , Measure Up 3D and Wrecked she has to by enjoying a handsome wages. She has followers and many fans across the nation and gaining the popularity over the movie industry day.

An emerging ability, Maki likes to spend time and among her friends is an celebrity Colton Haynes. They have been friends for a while and call every other BFF.

Actress Elizabeth Henstridge Is Engaged to Boyfriend Zachary Burr Abel

Almost two decades in the showbiz, Ally, however, remain discreet regarding the matters of her life outside the screens. Let’s take a peek at the actress’ life to discover her real story. Being good friends, Ally and Colton were very close and comfortable with eachother that people thought something was up between them. However, as it turns out, they are nothing more than just friend. In fact, the beautiful actress is engaged to her long-time friend, a pop singer named Travis Atreo.

She was portrayed by Ally Maki. In though in “The White Asparagus Triangulation,” it was stated that she defected to North Korea while dating Leonard.

In ‘Wrecked,” Ally’s character Jess is the fun, feisty, and hopeless romantic of the ensemble cast. The comedy centers around a group of plane crash survivors adapting to life on a remote island, and adjusting to a new world without their usual comforts of social media, WiFi, indoor plumbing, and Chipotle. The sophomore series can be best described as Lost meets “Gilligan’s Island.

Looking forward to your thoughts! Question: What inspired your passion for acting? Ally Maki : I have loved performing for as long as I can remember.

One to Watch: Ally Maki in ‘Step Up 3D’

Jul 28, pm By Keely Quinlan. Ally stars as Jess Kato on the show, and the role was practically written for her. What are your must have fashion pieces?

Best known for lending her voice for the character of Giggle McDimples in Toy Story 4, Ally Maki is an American actress. Ally has been an active.

Joyce Kim was one of Leonard ‘s former girlfriends and a North Korean spy. In , Leonard was working on rocket fuel at the time under a DARPA contract and Joyce Kim was a North Korean spy attempting to obtain information on his work by seducing him and report it back to the North Korean regime. Luckily, Sheldon unknowingly stopped her, after he intruded on their sexual Intercourse, claiming Leonard had violated the roommate agreement.

Leonard agreed to give Sheldon a hour notice before having guests over, but he hadn’t known Joyce Kim for 12 hours before he had her over. She did not appear on the show again after this. Sign In Don’t have an account? Start a Wiki.

Ally Maki Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

The show combines comedy and drama elements as the characters, who are in their early thirties, deal with maturing relationships and career choices. On March 31, , New Girl was renewed for a fifth season. John Cho was the first guest announced after New Girl was renewed for season 5. Megan Fox was cast in the role of Reagan and temporarily filled in for Zooey Deschanel after she pre-taped her episodes last spring before taking a maternity leave.

Ally Maki Doesn’t Need A Boyfriend Or A Dating Affair! Her . January 14, by Kevin Evans. Ally Maki is one of the few actresses who prefer a.

Today, after much controversies, better roles are becoming availed to a broader range of performers. Like many, she too faced some stereotypical roles for an Asian actor. However, she chose not to stay content with the provided parts of a dorky friend or some “hyper-sexualized bombshell. Her days in the industry began more significantly in as she landed on her first series regular role in the TV adaptation of 10 Things I Hate About You. Ally Maki was born on 29 December in Seattle, Washington.

Meanwhile, she was predominantly raised in a white neighborhood by her parents. The fourth-generation Japanese-American embraces Asian-American ethnicity.

Ally Maki Wears Neon Yellow Suit For ‘Toy Story 4’ Premiere

Photo by Bobby Quillard. Asian American women in the acting industry are continuing to fight for the spotlight that has long been turned away from them in mainstream media. Wrecked , now airing its second season, stars a diverse cast playing characters from unique backgrounds who have survived a plane crash on a deserted island. The show follows the struggles that ensue as they try to stay alive. As Maki grew up in the acting industry, she started realizing the part she was playing was not the right one for her.

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Ally Maki is in a relationship, she engaged to her long-time friend, a pop singer named Travis Atreo. Meanwhile, she was predominantly raised in a white neighborhood by her parents. Ally holds Japanese-American citizenship, and her ethnicity is Asian. Soon, she found her knack for Comedy, the same skill she developed from battling for attention with her brothers. Maki appeared in the television film iCarly: iGo to Japan , as well as her many cameo appearances in films and television series, such as Step Up 3D Similarly, she had supporting roles in the comedy-drama films The Family Tree and Geography Club Maki has been featured in the Adidas 60th Anniversary global campaign.

In the years , she was featured in the national promotional campaign for T-Mobile, which included TV commercials, print adverts, and internet adverts. She has also appeared in a TV advert for Juicy Fruit.

Toy Story 4 star Ally Maki on playing Giggles, her mum and getting engaged

To celebrate this moment with my best friend surrounded by my family, friends and the warmth and love of the Toy Story fam was insanely surreal. The couple, who have been together for six and a half years, were both from neighboring Seattle towns but happened to met and fall in love in Los Angeles. Maki revealed that engagement took place directly following her big red carpet night, and that her recording artist love, who boast over million streams of Spotify, took her by total surprise.

As I walked in the room, I saw rose petals all over the floor.

Described by Ally as “fun, wholesome, and sweet,” she’s also dating kind of a douchebag. Haven’t we all. But through this turbulent relationship.

We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Revealed to be a North Korean spy in the very first episode of the entire series, Joyce was the ex of series regular Leonard Hofstadter Johnny Galecki. However, after a bit of digging, her true identity may not be as clear as made out in the series. In seasons one and two, it was revealed Joyce was only with Leonard in order to obtain information for North Korea.

However, this story changes when Joyce appears on-screen for the first in a flashback in season three. This flashback dated back to when Leonard had first moved in with Sheldon and, as his new roommate, had agreed to give 12 hours notice if someone was to stay. The main talking point from the episode is that Leonard mentions he had only known Joyce for less than 12 hours. Star explains break up. Was Joyce Kim really a North Korean spy?

Leonard and Joyce were said to have been in a relationship for 27 days.


Ally Maki is an American actress and singer who has been working in Hollywood since her mid-teens. She had moved to Los Angeles at the age of 14 to pursue an acting career. She has Japanese ancestry. Black Natural. She played the keytar with the band and was also tasked with vocals. Ally Maki regularly works out to keep herself fit.

The animated movie stars Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and Ally Maki as the first Asian American female to voice a character in the history of the.

How would you fare if you were stranded on an island with a bunch of strangers? TBS’ half-hour comedy, Wrecked, explores just that question in hilarious fashion. A group of unlikely personalities band together or not after their plane crashes on a remote island, where they’re forced to face unexpected threats — mostly brought on by themselves. Ahead of Tuesday’s season one finale, ET asked Maki, who plays Jess, to share her pointers for surviving the ultimate test.

Here are her seven pieces of advice to not getting wrecked on an island! Spray away thy pain. Spraying chemical-filled Deet into pre-existing mosquito bites will cause immediate and scream-inducing pain, try the all-natural alternatives instead! Get shady. If you are going to throw some shade at another passenger who may be causing unwarranted soap opera-style island drama with you, make sure you do it comfortably from under the shade of the nearest palm tree.

Mexico Adventures with Colton Haynes and Drunk Ally Maki