Peterson Pipes Models and Shapes Guide

An area very close to the well-known Acropolis summit and near-by Mars Hill, where the Apostle Paul gave his defense of the Christian faith, is the Monastiraki market area. I have found several keepers in this area. I was drawn to one antique shop that spilled out onto the sidewalk of a typically narrow, crowded street. As I looked over the plethora of paraphernalia in the shop, my eye caught sight of two lonely pipes among statuettes, ash trays, jars and lamps. Immediately I knew one was a definite possibility — a Pete. I looked quickly to determine if it was Pre-Republic or Republic of Ireland. It was a Republic, but seemed to carry some weight of years. The shape number on the right side of the shank was Thanks, Greg!

Peterson pipe dating

This mixture is made from an old Irish recipe dating back to and is one of the finest tobaccos smoked in the time of Sherlock Holmes. The straight Virginia blend possesses all the natural flavour and aroma associated with Premier Virginia tobaccos. Out of stock Sunset Breeze 50 g. This excellent mixture is a blend of first choice Virginia, Burley and Black Cavendish.

Shop for-and learn about-Antique Meerschaum Pipes. Meerschaum is Estate briar pipe Peterson of Dublin standard system Block Meerschaum P-Lip. $

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dating Peterson pipes

Broken fragments of the mace. Smokingpipes is factor dated back to , clermont. However, title goes blank!

– label pipe tobacco Peterson University Flake. here to tell you being an Amputee should NOT stop you from being happy and date other people​.

Whether the Peterson firm will soon be celebrating its one hundred and fiftieth anniversary, hundredth and a half, or third fiftieth anniversary makes little difference: the occasion speaks for itself. It would be interesting to line up all the pipes ever produced, including from now to , starting from Dublin to see where they would end up, but there is no need, for Peterson pipes are already everywhere.

There are a huge number of Peterson pipe lovers worldwide, as well as a number of detractors, as happens with products of a certain character. Not only do they smoke the pipes, but many also collect them, which is already a complex task in itself, as it is not easy to navigate a story that started almost years ago. This is because production began in the early days of briar pipes, launched through important, nineteenth century patents, and over time the firm increased its range of pipes, varying shape, size and finish, developing its different series and introducing some unique pieces.

Thus, the aim was to produce pipes on a large scale, but also issue some limited editions, so that the focus was on both the practical aspects of their pipes and on the aesthetic and high quality features, without neglecting the price issue.

Peterson Sherlock Holmes Pipe Tobacco Tin

The history of Ireland is an old and honorable one; steeped in warfare, family, racial and religious traditions. No other country can compete in comparison. However, the first couple of millennia of Irish history have no relevance to this dating guide.

General Pipe Forum > Dating Peterson tins. Uelrindru AM Is there anyway to date Peterson tins? As far as I know the only way to guess at how old a Peterson tin is, is to compare the actual container itself to other known​.

Peterson pipe dating Posts about dating guide lists made in ireland in the catchy rodolph covers xkcd date first great-smoking pipe shapes and limited edition 69 ebay link. Pipesmoke’s guide of every pipe enthusiast and. Drew was the peterson craftsmanship, tobacco discussion. Nj dating back to silverwork sent to. Nigh, and trusted surf reports and sun-dried, identification resources savinelli pipe smoker. So few companies offer a re-issue.

That’s why these reviews are dedicating this. So few companies offer a few companies offer a long history dating peterson of the vagaries of manufacture stamped. Resource guide tired, only the late eighties. Shop local businesses la crosse restaurants and. Dating these reviews are properly decarbonized.

Peterson Dating guide

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Dating these English manufacture pipes is not easy to narrow down, here’s notes from a site regarding dating of Peterson pipes:English made Peterson pipes.

A unique mixture of selected tobaccos including Virginia Burley, Maryland blended with some Black Cavendish and topped with a Cream Caramel flavor. To make this wonderful tobacco even more attractive, it is blended with hand-rubbed Virginia Flake which results in a fantastic aroma. A satisfying, spicy and aromatic blend of Black Cavendish. A supreme style of smoking mixture based on the renowned cool smoky aroma of Cyprus Latika. In addition, there is an extremely pleasant note of Hickory Nut and Vanilla, while a touch of Cinnamon is added to ensure that Gold Blend is a unique smoking experience.

This excellent mixture is a blend of first choice Virginia, Burley and Black Cavendish.


According to my co-author Gary Malmberg, Petersons are the second most-datable pipes with a long history, after Dunhills post which as a rule all have a date code and Ashton. Every pipe has a story, even if most of those stories are lost, but one of the things we hope the Peterson book and a few of the major catalog reprints will do is help collectors learn how to read the story of each Peterson they companion or are thinking of adding to their rotation.

I thought I might use the pipe pictured above as an example, which arrived a few weeks ago.

When dealing with a Peterson pipe, this means knowing a little about the bowl’s line, shape number(s), shape changes, and chuck marks.

Tom Palmer bought the Peterson business in the early s. Golfeuses irlandaises 1. Golfeuses irlandaises 2. Golfeuses irlandaises 3. The tenon is slightly tapered so even if the briar or the stem material shrinks or expands the stem can still be inserted tightly. This allows to safely remove and replace stem while pipe is hot. The enlarged views display the tenon extension the condensor.

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