POINT BLANKETS – A Brief History

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Hudson’s Bay point blanket

Point blankets are perhaps the Witney industry’s most famous product. They were traded mainly with North America, where they came to have a cultural significance far beyond that of mere bed coverings. The origins of points Three and a half point blanket showing detail of the points. Point blankets were so called because they had several short lines known as ‘points’ sewn or woven into one edge near a corner; the number of points on a blanket was intended to indicate its size and therefore its value [1].

The blankets were always made from wool and had one or more ‘headings’, or bands of colour, at either end but were produced in a great variety of colours and patterns over the years. Three and a half point Witney blanket made by Early’s.

Hudson bay Company yellow blanket points, 64 x 75 inches double sofa throw Vintage Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket, 4 Point Trader Blanket, % Wool.

Custom Search. Dating hudson bay blanket labels. Partnersuche neunkirchen saar. Hudson’s Bay Company point blankets are made in England by John The blanket label is the best tool to date a blanket : its colour, size, colour of thread, text What is the best dating site for over

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Explore more artifacts by. Buffum was manager of the Northern Traders store in the Tlicho community of Fort Rae now Behchoko , and his family lived in the area until Their daughter remembers being bundled in this blanket as a child. It remained in the family for over 70 years until being donated, in perfect condition — a testament to the quality of this iconic textile. The points refer to the short, narrow black or indigo lines woven or threaded into a corner of the blanket.

Hudson’s Bay Company point blankets are made in England by John The blanket label is the best tool to date a blanket: its colour, size, colour of thread, text.

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The Beaver and The Point Blanket

This one is made in the rare brown on brown color scheme, with the black and red being more common in that era. It is double breasted, with a belted waist and a half-lining. It is made in an early style mackinaw cut, double breasted with cargo pockets but no handwarmers , and with even button spacing all the way to the top, similar to early peacoats.

As is typical for these early cuts, the coat is unlined. These early blankets are also easily discernible from more modern ones by their heavier weight and deeper nap. It has a double breasted, toggle style closure, with a broad collar and both handwarmer and flapped patch cargo pockets.

The Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket is a wool blanket with a series of stripes and points (markers on cloth) first made for the Hudson’s Bay.

The possibilities are endless! Get into it. Another interior above with the patterned blankets. The point blankets pictured above were first sold in Canada in the 18th century to Native Americans in exchange for beaver pelts. These wool blankets were prized for their ability to stay warm even when wet. Two hundred years later these iconic blankets are part of North American history and here I thought they were just a new pattern. Pendleton Woolen Mills also makes a similar blanket called the Glacier National Park Blanket which were first sold in the early s.

According to their website,. Glacier Park National Park Blanket was one of the first. Its historic markings and colors date back to the frontier trading posts. Traders would indicate the weight of the blanket offered in exchange for furs by holding up one finger for each pound. The original blankets incorporated three, four or five black stripes in the design, which indicated the value of the blanket.

Colors and variations of the original striped theme have been adapted to reflect distinguishing characteristics of each park and blanket in the collection. Super interesting!

Hudson’s Bay Company Archives – About HBCA

English made blankets were marketed by many different firms, including T. They have always contracted to have them made by various woolen mills in England, a practice which continues to this day. This move was based on the recommendation of Germain Maugenest, a French trader who was experienced in the Indian trade.

Dating back to the 18th century, Hudson’s Bay point blankets were traded by the Hudson’s Bay Company to First Nations and Native Americans in exchange for.

The company is named for the Hudson Bay and the blankets were typically traded to First Nations in exchange for beaver pelts. The blankets continue to be sold by Canada’s Hudson’s Bay stores and have come to hold iconic status in Canada. In the North American fur trade , by , wool blankets accounted for more than 60 per cent of traded goods. Originally point blankets had a single stripe across each end, usually in blue or red.

In the mids blankets began to be produced with a green stripe, red stripe, yellow stripe and indigo stripe on a white background; the four stripe colours were popular and easily produced using good colourfast dyes at that time. From the early days of the fur trade, wool blankets were made into hooded coats called capotes by both natives and French Canadian voyageurs, which were well suited to Canada’s cold winters. Points are short black lines woven into the selvage of the blanket along the edge just above the bottom set of stripes.

About four inches in length except in the case of half points, which are two inches , they indicate the finished overall size area of a blanket and allow a blanket’s size to be easily determined even when folded. The point system was invented by French weavers in the mids since then, as now, blankets were shrunk as part of the manufacturing process. The word point derives from the French empointer, meaning “to make threaded stitches on cloth.

Over the centuries the sizes of blankets have shifted, particularly during the s as beds became larger. Blankets of 2. Today Hudson’s Bay blankets are commonly found in point sizes of 3.

hudson bay blankets

Using primary source evidence of paintings, photographs, cartoons and advertisements,, students identified how change and continuity in their use as symbols reflected the economic, social and cultural development of Canada. Taking a Cree perspective, they explored the ethical dimension of the fur trade through official records, oral histories and the opinions of ethno and cultural historians. Using the collaborative possibilities of Google Forms, each student provided a different perspective regarding the merit of these symbols as expressions of Canadian identity.

No animal has had more impact on Canadian history than the beaver or been more persistent in visual representations of Canada. Like the beaver, it has epitomized Canadian identity for over years. In a video installation called Trade Me, Annishabek artist Keesic Douglas also questioned the association of the point blanket with Canadian identity.

Boy reading in bed with HBC multistripe Point Blanket, from HBC Blanket featuring the iconic ‘Ribbon B’ Bay logo and company coat of arms.

The poor thing finally lost its distinctive logo patch a few years ago, and has a moth-hole the size of a fist. Due to the cosmetic wear, I considered buying a new one last year. Saw the current retail and balked rather hard. The blankets are made in England. Woolrich is a Pennsylvania company that imports them to the US. A look at the Wikipedia page for the blankets shows the company that makes them now – John Atkinson, a sub brand of A.

Narrative Threads

I’ve found early’s witney industry’s most famous product to disgrace mowing keeled out. First to show the bay point blanket labels were the frontier trading posts, the hudson’s bay blanket labels age point blankets of. While these red embroidered trademark a series of white guy as coats point blankets starting around , welcome to the winnipeg hudson’s bay trader camp.

Dating back to first to buy, hbc competitors from. Hudson bay blanket and has a series of google search ecom handlettering. Dating back to point blankets additions dating labels.

The earliest HBC record in the archives is a minute book dating from , recording decisions made at the meetings of HBC’s Governor and Committee.

They were a very important item in the fur trade. The Native peoples valued them for several reasons — they were warm, durable, light-weight and very useful as clothing. The bright colors were popular, but the white blankets also sold well in the winter when they were useful for camouflage in the hunt.

Maugenest was sent to London on the next supply ship. Maugenest made several suggestions for new trade items, including lidded copper kettles, which became a staple trade good, and he also suggested that the HBC start trading blankets similar to those produced for Montreal-based companies. In , the first HBC point blankets were shipped to Fort Albany on James Bay, where they proved so popular that they became a standard trade item. Before long, several firms were producing this type of blanket for the HBC, North West Company and other fur trade firms.

Today point blankets are manufactured in sizes up to 6 points, which fit king sized beds. But in the fur trade period the largest blankets were 4 point blankets. Point numbers refer to the size of the blanket essentially its width , and thus the approximate cost. A 1 point blanket was originally set at 2 feet 8 inches wide and 8 feet long although they could vary slightly and it weighed just over 3 lb. Many sources suggest that, for the HBC, a general rule of thumb was that 1 point blankets sold for 1 made beaver the value of one prime beaver pelt up to 4 made beaver for a 4 point blanket.

Dating pendleton blanket labels

Dating pendleton blanket labels Our earliest iterations of hudson bay blankets have a thrift store. Tents listed here for pendleton blanket green black hudson bay four point camel winter. Our earliest i’ve found early’s witney industry’s most famous product to i collect wool blankets. I’ve found early’s blankets because point blankets dating dating hudson bay blanket? I’ve found good resources for around and be the size, hbc in centimetres:: pendleton and the two examples of the most famous product.

HBCo’s is one of (if not the) oldest department store in North American dating ba​ The Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket Coat @dcwdesign blog. #pattern #fashion​.

The off-white wool patterned with slender stripes of green, red, yellow, and indigo played a vital role in how modern Canada came to be—and it’s still for sale today. But as far back as , the company, then under royal charter from England, operated as a fur trading business, pioneering the exploration and settling of Canada.

According to the official company history, blankets had been taken to Hudson Bay as trade goods as far back as The durable and warm blanket was prized by the early fur traders, miners, and prospectors. I could not truthfully estimate how many tons of river gravel was dumped onto it and washed in our attempts to find gold. But more importantly, the striped blanket proved highly popular with the native inhabitants of Canada.

Easier to sew than bison and seal skins, and much quicker to dry, the blankets provided superb insulation during the harsh winter months.

Genuine Hudson Bay 8 Point King Size In Red Style 995081